Payless Buy Online Pick Up In Store

A feature-level design project - Payless asked to design a new Buy Online Pick Up In Store feature that would give customers same day pick up flexibility.


Knowing that this feature had potential to cause customers confusion and frustration as well as complex logistical implications for Payless, we approached the project by conducting in-depth research before starting designs.

This allowed us to develop fully prototyped wireframes and high-fidelity designs that built upon the highs and avoided the lows of other Buy Online Pick Up In Store features.

Wireframes & High Fidelity Prototypes

Because of our well-rounded research approach, I was able to tailor the designs to solve a series of common problems, both online and offline.

Filtering for BOPUIS products early and accurately was critical to the browsing experience.

Users needed an intuitive way to not only find these product but also change their pick up location as well as search for product availability at another store

Not only was capturing the users’ intention to buy online and pick up in store near the Add to Bag action on the Product Detail page critical, I also had to consider several edge cases.

The wireframes detailed selecting and changing a pick up store as well as messaging for shipping to store and purchasing near a store closing time.

Low inventory and no search results scenarios had to also be taken into account.

Once users reached the cart, I had to ensure that the experience was flexible enough to change the obtainment method due to restrictions around pickin up in store and shipping to home in the same cart. Numerous scenarios had to be prototyped to understand how the user would recover from creating a cart with mixed obtainment methods.

Other solutions included offering the ability to easily assign any person for pick up as well as clearly outlining the pick up process and include necessary messaging in email communications.


Designed while working at Blue Acorn iCi