Le Creuset Mobile Audit

With the goal of optimizing the mobile shopping experience, Le Creuset asked for design solutions that would improve conversion and customer satisfaction. Design solutions were to be informed and supported by extensive quantitative and qualitative research.


To begin understanding the problems of the mobile shopping experience, I performed a hueristics audit of the current experience as well as reviewed heatmaps collected via Hotjar.

These findings were married with insights gathered from a quantitative analysis of Google Analytics data to illuminate two key problem areas of the experience: the Product Listing and Product Detail pages.

User testing was also employed to balance any expert bias or validate painpoints.


Armed with key insights from the research findings, my proposed solutions focused on decreasing page length while presenting a more visually engaging experience in order to ease friction surrounding product browsing and selection.

The proposed Product Listing page design sought to take advantage of best practices for presenting product results while also highlighting key differentiating features.

The 2-column layout would allow users to more quickly assess available products (by reducing page length by 50%) as well as help to visually indicate to users that they were one page deeper in the shopping funnel from the Category page (Dutch Ovens vs. Cookware).

New text styling was introduced to visually separate price from product options. Additionally, the communication of available colors was changed from text to a swatch presentation and material was added to further inform users.

A main focus of the redesigned Product Detail page was improving the presentation of the product images - I proposed updating the product image gallery to a more conventional pattern (a swipeable gallery vs. a modal) as well as leading with a lifestyle image to more clearly communicate product details such as color and size.

The rest of the page was adjusted with a focus on shortening the overall page length and create a more enjoyable shopping experience.

The desktop hotspot Explore experience was added to communicate product features in a more engaging and visual manner. Sections such as Description, Reviews, and Recipes were collapsed partially or completely so users could more quickly scroll through the page and intuit the proper emphasis on the most important information.

Other proposed improvements included removing elements such as the the size slider to declutter the page ‘above the fold’ and adding return details to improve user confidence.


Designed while working at Blue Acorn iCi